Waiting Outside the Lines


Have you ever listened to the song by Greyson Chance “Waiting outside the lines”?
Yes, that song is more likely talking about living your life to the fullest.

This is one part of the lyrics :
“Stuck in the same position, you deserve so much more. There’s a whole world around us, just waiting to be explored. I’m waiting, waiting, just waiting outside the lines”

Yeah..sometimes we are afraid of taking chances..right? We play safe and just sit around.
People are often more comfortable with things that never change..same routines, orders, and same bought brands (maybe :) )

What I want to share in this note, isn’t about Greyson Chance :) .  It’s about encouragement for my self and everyone who read this note. That the opportunity is always waiting in front of us and that’s our choices to go ahead and grab it or not. 

At this very moment I passionately learn about the music marketing. I realized that from 5 years ago I has always been interested in something that related with marketing and music. But I didn’t know what I needed to dig and explore them.  

Now, I just feel that it is like puzzle of my life that the desire I had before..is still shaking my heart and taking control of my brain until today.I think that’s one of the reason why I choose the marketing major on my previous study. Because I have a curiosity to explore about marketing. And by now, I think the focus of marketing’s field which I want to explore is music marketing or entertainment marketing.
Maybe someday I can build a music business (I wish..lol)

I am sure that we have to ready to dip our toes into something refreshing and new…
 it, go out and wait outside the lines..”

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